Saturday, May 19, 2007

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Christian . . . Husband . . . Father . . . Writer . . . Amateur Historian . . . and Intergalactic Wise Guy

I’m Mike Lynch, and as you can see from the tagline written above, I wear a lot of hats. While these “hats” creates headaches for me now and again, they also keep my life quite busy, and interesting. At least I can say I am never bored. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have anything good to write about. They give me the inspiration to write about far off worlds, or the world we live in here on Earth. With this in mind, perhaps you’d care to journey to the stars aboard a stellar cruiser and battle against beings of unparalleled hate. Or would you like to read about the history of a sleepy town in Northern California my family helped settle in the 1850’s.

As you can imagine, I have experienced just about every facet of the literary process while trying to get my Christian Science Fiction novel published--from plodding through all those rejection letters to getting signed on by a literary agent after a house agreed to publish my novel.

Let's face it, we are facing an uphill battle. And this will continue as long as Christian publishing houses believe the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre is one that does not possess a strong, marketable base. But take heart. Sooner or later, somone--perhaps one of us--will write that breakout novel, the one that brings us credibility in Christian literary circles. And when that happens, those same publishing houses will be jumping on the bandwagon in droves. The result of this will create a need for SF/F books, lots of them--and we'll be ready and waiting when it happens.

If you are feeling discouraged, or not sure how to move your writing project forward, then my blog site might be of help to you. I plan on writing about what goes behind the scenes of what it takes to get published--things like negotiating a contract, finding an artist to do the cover art, creating positive buzz for your book, how to get past the slush pile, and much, much more.

If you have any questions about the world of publishing, or would like to share your writing experiences, I would love to hear from you.

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