Monday, December 27, 2010

After the Cross is now available

Hey everyone, copies of my new novel, After the Cross, are now available at Ellechor Publishing.

And so you know something of the story: Two linguists follow a trail of clues described in an 800-year old letter which purports to reveal the final resting place of Jesus’ cross, only to find themselves battling against time, hired mercenaries, and each other. They soon discover that the most important struggle of their lives is not around them, but from within, testing their beliefs, their ethics, and their growing love for one another.

The link to the site is:

Check it out and see if this is a book you'd enjoy reading.


americanzero said...


So I was looking on the Big Wow Con guest and noticed the After the Cross comic cover as well as your name. The comic looked intriguing and I did a Google search on it to get more information on it and I'm glad to see that it has Christian themes. I kinda figured it did but I wanted to make sure. I ended up coming across your blog as a result of my search and I thought I'd comment on your blog to let you know that After the Cross seems quite interesting. If I have enough cash, I'll pick up a copy at Big Wow Con.

God bless

- James

Alexander Field said...

Congrats on the new book! Looks fascinating and well worth a good read. : )